Best practices for small tech start-ups to engage customers for small businesses

by Angus Jones

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Meet Angus Jones from Fancy Wrapper

Meet Angus Jones - Founder and Fractional CMO @ Fancy Wrapper

Angus Jones is the founder and fractional CMO of Fancy Wrapper – a self-employed business where he works with and grows several companies in the tech industry.

He was also the chief marketing officer at LG Electronics for four years and helped the enterprise exceed 30% annual growth and achieve its first market share in the fridge business.

Check out Angus's thoughts on content marketing

About how marketing can support sales, Angus shares:

"Marketing and sales should be working hand in hand with sales helping identify opportunities/issues, and Marketing, creating programs to generate leads and improve the customer acquisition journey."

He also shares how content marketing is changing in 2022:

"The art of content marketing is not changing, but the competition and greater communication of content are. Thus it is hard to resonate with audiences."

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