Joel's CMO journey from a musical background and how he grew Harbour Lifestyle to the next level

by Joel Garthwaite

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Meet Joel Garthwaite from Harbour Lifestyle

Meet Joel Garthwaite - Chief Marketing Officer @ Harbour Lifestyle

Joel Garthwaite is currently the chief marketing officer at Harbour Lifestyle, an outdoor furniture brand based in the UK.

Harbour Lifestyle provides luxury and exclusive outdoor furniture to enhance any outdoor space’s aesthetic, function, and value. 

With more than ten-year experience of working in multiple areas of marketing and communications, Joel is an expert in:

  • Paid media programming
  • Demand generation
  • Data analytics
  • Growth marketing
  • Brand directorship
  • PR

“I don’t think you’re inspired to become a CMO. You earn that title through hard work.”Joel Garthwaite

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