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Meet Scindia Balasingh from Vajiro

Meet Scindia Balasingh - Head of Global Marketing @ Vajro

Scindia Balasingh┬áis the head of global marketing at Vajro – a cloud-based mobile platform for eCommerce to develop mobile shopping apps for their stores.

Vajro helps make it easy for:

  • Businesses: to produce and distribute content for their mobile audience
  • End-users: to consume those content and perform transactions on the go.

Before moving to Vajiro as head of global marketing, Scindia Balasingh was the Head of Partner Marketing, Global ISV & Strategic Partnerships at Freshworks.

Scindia’s got more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing and SaaS. And numerous awards, including:

  • Proud owner of Top 100 Power Leaders by White Leadership Congress
  • Women Icon Of the year 2022
  • Top 20 Women catalyst in Indian IT award by SME channels
  • Tech marketer 2021 Award by CXOTV
  • CMO Leadership Award
  • Women Super Achiever Award by World Women Leadership Congress

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