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Day One | May 4th, 2021

Jason Rainbird

Founder @ Flowbird

Proactive Customer Retention: Best Practices in Retaining and Building Value from Existing Customers

Joana Inch

Founder @ Hat Media

Social Selling and Account-Based Marketing: The Go-To-Market and Scaling Best Practices for Technology Companies

Boyd Wason

Founder @ Engaging Partners

From Personas to Buyers’ Journeys: Using Personas to Develop Buyers’ Journeys and Inform Content Marketing Strategy

Sagar Sethi

Founder @ Xugar

The Curious Business Routine for Building Sustainable Growth

Day Two | May 5th, 2021

Simon Bullmore

Founder @ Mission Drive

How Leaders Can Increase Revenue Growth by Embracing 4 Key Data Personas

Ben Hollom of Q Content

Ben Hollom

Founder @ Q Content

Taking the Guesswork Out of Content Creation: Plan for Success, Create with Confidence

Dan Maudhub

Founder @ Wonderful

Why Your Content Could Be Crippling Your Digital Customer Experience: Transforming Brands by Fusing Creativity and Technology

Yvie Ansari

Founder @ yva media

Content & SEO for the Customer Journey

Day Three | May 6th, 2021

Tracy Sheen of The Digital Guide

Tracy Sheen

Founder @ The Digital Guide

How to Overcome Bottlenecks to Growing Your Business

Janine Pares

Founder @ Thinksmart Marketing

Thinking Differently About B2B Customer Journey: Persona and Journey Mapping

Kayleigh Kahlefeldt of Cornerstone Content Australia

Kayleigh Kahlefeldt

Founder @ Cornerstone Content Australia

Thought Leadership Through Ebooks

Huyen Truong of Online Marketing For Doctors

Huyen Truong

Founder @ Online Marketing For Doctors

How to Generate More Qualified Leads with a Higher Conversion Rate and Lower Ad Spend

Lisa Wade

CEO @ DigitalX Limited

Bringing Professional Investment Grade and Quality Research Risk Management to Retailer Investors

Adélaïde Durandet of Lumens Digital

Adélaïde Durandet

Founder @ Lumens Digital

Your Content Is Not About You!

Philippa Channer

Content Marketing Strategist @ Channer Consulting, LLC

Digital Marketing for Faith-Based Organizations

Day four | May 7th, 2021

Rogelio Rodriguez

Founder @ Rizen Inbound

How to Engage More Qualified Leads, Close More Deals, and Get More Referrals

Jeffrey Lambert

Content Coordinator @ Rizen Inbound

How to Create Content That Your Audience Will Want to Consume

Karen Mcfarlane

Founder @ Letter Shop

How Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Impacts Your Brand Value and Fills Your Growth Strategy

Dave Dabbah of Robocorp

Dave Dabbah

Managing Director @ Robocorp

CMO Story of a Tech Startup: Working Closely with a Sales Organization to Develop the Content That Will Deliver the Best Results

Kevin Miller

Founder @ GR0

The Nitty-Gritty of Ranking on Page One of Google: Using Content Writing, Performance Pr, and On-Page Optimization

Scott McLean

Managing Director @ Everything-Connected

How to Use Content to Progress Audiences Through Their Buyer Journey

Maor Benaim

Founder @ The Wolf

Optimize Your Ad Campaign for More Qualified Traffic and Effective Lead Generation

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