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Lessons Learned from Launching into New Markets

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CEO at Crowd

Jamie Sergeant is a leading British digital entrepreneur, creative industries influencer, and respected university lecturer.

His global thinking, ability to spot and incubate raw talent, and identification of market potential have been key to his enterprise’s commercial expansion into major international markets these past six years.

His Bournemouth-based (HQ), multi-award-winning, digital transformation agency, Crowd (ww.ThisIsCrowd.com), currently operates in 11 major cities worldwide, and following this rapid and successful expansion, in particular, his recent inroads into China.

“Global brands respect what Crowd and other iconic UK advertising agencies do. We work hard. We set the bar. We innovate and fascinate, set trends, and deliver results. In these challenging times, it is really important to get out there and show the world what we are made of. Britain is a global creative center of excellence, and I am very proud to play my part and shout about it. We want great things to happen for our industry, at home and overseas.”

His goal in 2021 is:

  • Support the development and export of creative excellence and British digital talent of all genres.
  • Continue to work in partnership with leading British agencies to globally raise awareness of UK advertising at scale, to drive reputation.
  • Target key influencers and decision-makers for in-depth engagement.
  • And ensure marketing services are included in DIT Foreign Direct Investment pitch presentations across all sectors of the economy.

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