Thought leadership through ebooks

by Kayleigh Kahlefeldt

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Kayleigh Kahlefeldt of Cornerstone Content Australia

Meet Kayleigh Kahlefeldt - Founder @ Cornerstone Content Australia

Kayleigh Kahlefeldt is the founder of Cornerstone Content Australia – a content marketing agency for businesses inspired by tech.

It is an accumulation of in-house and agency content marketing experience, including creative copywriting and SEO content production.

Kayleigh is an advocate of the power of content in growing businesses. The content we share attracts people to us, lights them up, sparks their curiosity, emotionally connects with them, and engages them in lifelong conversations with our brand.

At Cornerstone Content, she delivers engaging, high-performing content within creative programs, websites, blogs, and business collateral.

“My mission is to help businesses express themselves perfectly. My goal is to accomplish
that for you with the same passion for your brand as you have yourself, ensuring your #content engages with the right audiences and performs in the right way.”

Some facts and statistics about thought leadership:

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