Marcelo Bentivoglio of QI Tech Helps Building Your Own Fintech In Brazil Using Their APIs To Get More Success In Your Business

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The Founder Background: Marcelo Bentivoglio, Founder of QI Tech

Marcelo is one of the most experienced, creative, and innovative founders of QI Tech. Marcelo began his career as an intern at Goldman Sachs. He wanted to establish a decent position in the financial market, so he majored in economics.
Marcelo received a job offer from Goldman Sachs and began working there as an analyst in the Electronic Trading division.
Marcelo also worked as an associate at a consulting firm called ” Quist “.

He was in charge of engaging with banks, investors, and human resources departments of other organizations, as well as developing strong financial strategies for them.
Marcelo developed himself as an expert in cash flow management and also learned how to operate a company while working with Quist. Having worked with Quist laid the foundation for him to create Banfox, his own company that was a fintech company and once raised 10 million dollars.

After selling BanFox, Marcelo felt to become a part of something bigger so that he could make a greater impact on the Brazilian market. This motivation prompted him to join QI Tech as a board member, and he is now one of the company’s founders and contributors.

The Core Problem

What Problem is QI Tech Solving?
There’s a need to find an efficient way to companies in Brazil who want to offer credits to their employers. There are also no retail stores in Brazil that offer Buy-Now-Pay-Later to their customers.

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