Grow Your Business in 90 Days: How to Use Empathy to Build Relationship with Your Customers

Why Should You Attend This Talk?

nick montagu

Director at alphawhale

Nick Montagu is the Director of Alphawhale – a digital growth consultancy founded in 2017.

He has managed successful teams with Heinz and Apple. In the corporate environment, he learned about Data Science, Forecasting, and Supply Chain Management, but mostly he learned about people.

At Apple, he earned a reputation as a leader who could inspire his team to realize their personal and collective potential. He saw how this translated into major wins for the company without diminishing the value or morale of its most important asset, its people.

In every challenge, I seek opportunities for improvement. I am a constant innovator and can collaborate and lead others through change. I took my curiosity and willingness to challenge the status quo in every role and it has led me to some great achievements including winning Apple’s global ‘Above & Beyond’ Award (2015) as well a regional APAC Innovation Award (2014). Mostly though, it is inspiring others to change and transformation that is my key motivator.” – Nick.

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