Your content is not about you!

(Intersession between brand, goal, and audience)

by Adélaïde Durandet

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Adélaïde Durandet of Lumens Digital

Meet Adélaïde Durandet - Founder @ Lumens Digital

Adélaïde Durandet is the founder of Lumens Digital – an agency helping maximize your business potential growth with cost-effective and smart lead generation campaigns.

For the past ten years, she has helped companies grow by building successful marketing strategies encompassing both traditional and digital aspects.

With a data-driven approach and experience in international companies as well as in small local businesses, she’s able to create the strategies that fit your specific needs and goals.

From website to email or social media, I like to work on all things marketing that I know will help you succeed. I’m constantly learning, constantly refining my strategies and I am truly passionate about understanding more of what makes people tick!

Some content marketing facts:

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