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Meet Dan Maudhub - CEO @ Wonderful

Dan is a renowned entrepreneur in the UK who has managed creative digital agency, Wonderful for more than 13 years. He is the driving force behind the agency, which ranked #11 in the UK for customer satisfaction in the 2015 Drum Design agency census. 

Dan is also a mentor and advisor to many of London’s tech incubators and is a keynote speaker on digital technology, innovation and business growth platforms.

In 2010, Dan began exploring how content could engage the user much more effectively resulting in a higher ROI and user interaction with the brand. 

The journey of content, from direct mail days to the newsletters, was a real game-changer for him and led  to the inception of Wonderful Creative and Digital agency. 

Today, Wonderful’s mantra is to ‘solve complex problems by delivering wonderfully simple solutions’ With this approach, the agency has recently supported the digital transformation of brands including, mental health charity, Mind; children’s food brand, Kiddylicious; distribution firm, Menzie; and the charity, Glaucoma UK. 

During the Content Marketing Virtual Summit, Dan shares how his team at Wonderful implement user research to understand their priorities and behavioural trends in order to improve their brand engagement. Through this process of discovery, Dan and his team look at what content users are consuming and how they are consuming it. They then match their strategy with this data. 

Dan explains, “Too many brands create content that they want to read and see. However, you have to put yourself in the consumer’s mind, the person reading the content. Start from there and work backward, not start with ‘I want them to hear this’.

“One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to content. What works on one channel does not work on another channel, and I think being able to help clients create simplicity is another key of the strategy. Because I think, for many brands, content can become something that they’re not sure how to do, what to do, and what’s the best thing to use.” 

Join Dan’s talk this May and learn the best practices to take your brand and tune it for specific modern marketing channels.

Some digital customer experience facts and statistics:

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