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How to Increase Your Profits And Build Sustainable Growth

What to expect from this talk

Don’t miss out on these key takeaways from David’s presentation:

  • It’s not the amount of money you get; it’s the lifetime value that matters.
  • How to shift the way people think about challenges.
  • Be patient but always experiment.

About David Finch

David Finch is the managing director of Purple Frog – a Sales and Marketing Consultancy and Digital Marketing agency in Oxford, with extensive experience in:

  • marketing strategy
  • business growth
  • B2B branding
  • inbound marketing
  • and marketing automation.

Purple Frog is known for helping clients and understanding how they help their business clients.

More about David and Purple Frog

Some of the services provided by Purple Frog include:

  • Business consultancy: Convey your brand messages to your audience to engage and convert them.
  • Sales and marketing: Drive your marketing and sales results.
  • CRM and automation: Build highly-customized programs for your customers with the help of automation.

With experience as a marketer, business owner, and chartered accountant, David helps drive sustainable growth for B2B SMEs.

They are stuck or need to go faster through applying thinking, testing, and measurement to all activities with automation and processes refined to increase returns and reduce the cost of acquisition.

Since working with David, clients have

  • A better understanding of their business value proposition and their prospects.
  • A clearer picture of what marketing works and why
  • As well as an understanding of the returns they are getting
  • Simplified marketing and sales processes that make it easier to convert profitable leads.

Famous quotes about sustainable business growth

Leading business owners and marketers shared their thoughts about growing a successful sustainable business:

"Most marketing ends up too salesy. Because people still think the end game is to sell. If you think your end game is to help people who buy from you, the way you frame everything will change."

"Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business."

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