Discover how Emiley O'Connor implements effective content marketing campaigns for her clients

Guest speaker - Emiley O'Connor

Who is Emily O'Connor?

Emiley O’Connor is the founder and CEO of ContentWriters, a quality-driven content marketing platform.

She is an excellent problem solver and a seasoned person in providing strategy sessions, feature planning, and testing for the software platform.

A bit of information about ContentWriters:

Founded in 2010 in New York, ContentWriters is a full-service digital marketing agency providing quality content to businesses. 

“We specialize in providing dynamic solutions to scale workflows for publishers, agencies, and individual proprietors in dozens of industries.” – says Emily O’Connor.

ContentWriters serve businesses of all sizes across several industry sectors, including:

  • Agencies: ContentWriters helps outsource your content creation process with well-written content so your life can be much easier.
  • Enterprises: If you’re looking for a solution to scale your business growth through content marketing, ContentWriters is the perfect match for you.
  • Publishers: ContentWriters helps empower publishers’ content publishing results with a massive network of writers with different expertise backgrounds.
  • eCommerce: Sell more of your products with well-written and highly-converting product descriptions.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Emily, please read here.

In March 2021, she attended our Content Marketing Virtual Summit as a guest speaker and 50 other content marketing experts.

She shared her journey, insights, and best practices for running successful marketing campaigns and driving results for her client’s businesses.

What to learn from Emily O’Connor

Don’t miss out on these key takeaways from this presentation of Emily:

  • Emily’s entrepreneurial and content marketing journey.
  • What does it mean by “having a harmonious content creation workflow?
  • The three phases of a harmonious content creation workflow.
  • How can a proofreader add value in addition to an editor?

Famous quotes on content writing

Check out what other copywriters and marketers say about content writing:

“Content is nothing but showing your creativity through words.”

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