A story of Twine on its journey to becoming the best platform for freelancers

by Joe Scarffe

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Joe Scarffe from Twine

Meet Joe Scarffe - CMO @ Twine

Joe Scarffe is the CMO at Twine – a global network of creative and digital freelancers that connect with companies for freelance projects.

Joe has been in marketing now for just over seven years. Before being in the business world, Joe was a Ph.D. in the psychology of how creative people collaborate on projects.

After finishing his Ph.D. thesis, Joe realized that he didn’t want to be continuing in the academic area; he then tried to apply his learnings in the real world.

Joe joined Twine as a CEO and helped the company grow its network to over half a million freelancers (500,000) and helped shape Twine’s marketing and sales approaches and channels from the ground up.

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