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Best Practices For Manufacturers To Connect, Communicate, And Grow On The Global Market

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Why Should You Attend This Talk?

Jørgen Sevild

Director of Business Development and Client Strategy at INQOVA

Jørgen is the Director of Business Development and Client Strategy at Inqova – a strategic B2B Marketing & Communications firm helping manufacturers and industrial technology companies stand out and grow internationally.

He is an experienced business manager, technology consultant, and information system architect, with domain expertise in Textiles, Apparel, Leather Manufacturing, and Supply Chains, combined with 10 years of experience working in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

With his experience in the industry combined with knowledge of technology, digital marketing, and design, Jørgen co-founded INQOVA in 2018 to enable and support industry change by working directly with manufacturing companies on digital projects.

At Inqova, they leverage digitalisation for positive social and environmental impact in the Textile and Apparel industries, focusing primarily on denim and leather.

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