Thought leadership through ebooks

by Kayleigh Kahlefeldt

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Kayleigh Kahlefeldt of Cornerstone Content Australia

Meet Kayleigh Kahlefeldt - Founder @ Cornerstone Content Australia

Kayleigh Kahlefeldt is the founder of Cornerstone Content Australia – a content marketing agency for businesses inspired by tech.

It is an accumulation of in-house and agency content marketing experience, including creative copywriting and SEO content production.

Kayleigh is an advocate of the power of content in growing businesses. She believes content is the key to attracting, nurturing, and connecting with your audience. 

At Cornerstone Content, she delivers engaging, high-performing content within creative programs, websites, blogs, and business collateral.

Key services provided by Corner Stone Australia include:

  • Content strategy and content production: Content serves not as a stand-alone asset but as a key to converting your audience at every stage of their journey.
  • Expert copywriters: Outsource your copywriting and content production process with the help of professional copywriters who are experts in your topics.
  • Messaging and positioning: Corner Stone curates and tailors your brand messaging, which helps position your brand at the top of your audience’s mind.

Do you know...?

Two-thirds of marketers (66%) consider thought leadership a “top priority” for their marketing organizations.

Famous quotes on thought leadership marketing

Check out what other marketers and business owners share their thoughts on promoting thought leadership on the internet:

"Not all thought leaders are immediately recognized, many are disregarded at first. Great thought leaders have the fortitude to keep moving forward in the face of adversity because they see the value [they] can bring to society in the long run."

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