Discover how Neha Bhatiya built consistent streams of annual high-value, high-profit clients

Featured speaker - Neha Bhatiya

Meet Neha Bhatiya

Neha Bhatiya is Shape My Content’s content entrepreneur, content consultant and strategist, and business blogger.

She’s specialized in writing articles, webpages, social media posts, guest posting, e-books, and product descriptions.

She founded Shape My Content to build a community of like-minded and passionate content writers.

She wanted to scale up clients’ business brands via the power of sharp content while supporting their marketing initiatives.

A little bit of information about Shape My Content:

Shape My Content is a leading content writing business based in India.

Its mission is to provide content marketing materials for B2B and B2C businesses, from startups to corporate enterprises.

Shape My Content team includes business storytellers, content writers, and consultants. They are committed to conveying the brand stories and messages to engage and convert clients.

Neha will join with other 50 guest speakers and content writing experts at our Content Marketing Virtual Summit this March 2021 to share her best practices in creating quality-checked B2B & B2C content materials.

Key takeaways from Neha’s talk:

  • Neha’s journey to content marketing and content writing.
  • How to build a topic cluster plan for marketing strategy?
  • What are the best tips and advice from Neha for writers who want to step into the marketing industry?

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