Learn how Roy Furr built consistent streams of annual high-value, high-profits clients

Guest speaker - Roy Furr

Who is Roy Furr?

Roy Furr is a successful direct response copywriter coach in the highly-competitive direct response publishing niche.

He’s well-known for helping clients create:

  • customer acquisition sales letters, VSLs, landing pages, and funnels
  • internal back-end campaigns
  • and marketing and business growth strategy.

What’s more?

As a successful writing coach, Roy helped several copywriters

  • Produce highly-converting long-form direct response sales materials.
  • Write top controls in their industries and convert more clients.

He also does copy reviews and involves in qualified copywriter recruitment.

To learn more about Roy, read here.

In March 2021, he attended our Content Marketing Virtual Summit event as a guest speaker with other 50+ content marketing thought leaders.

He shared his insights and best practices on direct response copywriting for the financial publishing niche.

What to learn from Roy’s presentation

Don’t miss out on these key takeaways from our interview with Roy Furr.

  • Roy’s journey to becoming an entrepreneurial writer.
  • How can you provoke curiosity and engage the target audience during each stage of their journey?
  • How can you walk in your prospects’ shoes to craft your best converting content?

Famous quotes on direct response copywriting

Check out what other copywriters and marketers say about direct response copywriting:

"Always enter the conversation already occurring in the customer's mind."

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