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Grow your business by providing great customer experiences

And Those Little Things You Can Do to Delight Them

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Ruchika Batra is a seasoned product marketer and technology evangelist with experience in marketing SaaS products to B2B customers. Her work focused on demand generation, sales enablement, messaging, content strategy, and content creation.

As Director of Content Marketing and SEO, she has built a career dedicated to crafting content that inspires and engages audiences across multiple channels. She is constantly learning and evolving her work to find new and creative ways to support strategic goals, generate revenue, and tell a consistent and powerful brand story.

She loves working with a passionate team of people to conceive of and create valuable customer experiences. With a background in Product Marketing, conversion Marketing, and Communications Strategy, she knows how to deliver impactful results to the business by creating extraordinary experiences for the customer.

Her specialties are Product Marketing, Digital Media, Content Strategy & Marketing, Content partnerships, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Customer Experience Management, GTM Strategy, Communication, and Team Management.

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