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Featured speaker - Shirya Garg

Meet Shriya Garg

Shriya Garg is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Content Ninja, an India-based Hubspot Gold Partner and growth agency that helps solve complex inbound and digital marketing challenges for ambitious brands.

What’s more?

Services provided by Content Ninja include:

  • Inbound marketing – Educate your clients and help them solve their problems with relevant content.
  • Content marketing – Tell your brand’s stories in a way that engages and builds trust with your customers.
  • HubSpot – Align and enable your sales and marketing teams’ performance with HubSpot – a premium CRM platform built for your business scaling purpose.

At Content Ninja, Shriya is responsible for creating ROI-positive inbound marketing strategies.

Shriya is also an SLP Fellow and a Quora Top Writer.

She has created eight blogs, started her first business at 12, published two books, and edited dozens for others.

This March of Content Marketing Virtual Summit 2021, Shriya will be joining with 50 other guest speakers to share e her insights and best practices on implementing inbound marketing and content marketing strategies to grow business success.

Key takeaways from Shriya’s talk:

  • Shriya’s digital and content marketing journey.
  • How to onboard content marketing strategies for new clients.
  • How to bring fun & sarcasm into the company language
  • Shriya’s advice for writers who want to start their content writing career.

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