Learn how Yuval Keshtcher Built consistent streams of annual high-value, high-profit clients

Guest speaker - Yuval Keshtcher

Who is Yuval Keshtcher?

Yuval Kestcher is the founder and CEO of the UX Writing Hub – the world’s only UX Writing boot camp.

It’s an official one-stop-shop for online UX writing resources providing in-depth education, articles, workshops, courses, product team training, and more for UX writers and product teams worldwide.

What’s more?

At the UX Writing Hub, you can:

  • Access training and courses to improve your UX writing skills. They also provide you with training on content design, technical writing, conversation design, UX content strategy, and microcopy.
  • Get hired as a UX writer or hire a qualified UX copywriter for your company. You are now more equipped with the correct information with job boards and regularly updated hiring reports.

Yuval has solid experience in the development and acceleration of fantastic conversational experiences.

Read more about Yuval here.

At our Content Marketing Virtual Summit event in March 2021, Yuval joins as a guest speaker with other 50+ content writing experts.

He’ll share how UX writers and product teams help tech companies engage and build good customer relationships.

Key takeaways from the presentation of Yuval Keshtcher:

Don’t miss out on these essential lessons from the Yuval’s presentation:

  • Seven techniques for better user experience inspired by Walt Disney.
  • How many times you have felt inefficient while building a digital product.
  • How you can shape the next generation of designers.

Great quotes on UX writing

"As great as your interface is, it would be better if there were less of it."

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